PhD applicants

PhD applications are welcome at any time. If you wish to apply to do a PhD with me as your supervisor, please read these guidance notes first, and then email me if you'd like to discuss your application further.

Current PhD students

  • Younus Al-Taweel. Gaussian process emulators for computer experiments.
  • Jeremy Colman. Prior elicitation in extreme value modelling.

I am also second supervisor to two PhD students in other departments :

  • Brandon Alam (Mechanical Engineering). Outdoor sound propagation modelling across scales with uncertainties.
  • Paul Richards (ScHARR). Bayesian decision analysis in clinical research programmes: adding costs and benefits to decision rules and design.

Previous PhD students

I have supervised the following PhD students, nine as primary supervisor and four as second supervisor.

  • John Paul Gosling (2005). Elicitation: A Nonparametric View.
  • Kevin McNally (2005). Uncertainty in Financial Models of Large And Complex Government Projects.
  • Tom Fricker (2010). Emulators for Multiple Output Computer Models.
  • Leo Bastos (2010). Validating Gaussian Process Models in Computer Experiments.
  • Gemma Stephenson (2010). Using Derivative Information in the Statistical Analysis of Computer Models.
  • Nicola Stone (2011). Gaussian Process Emulators for Uncertainty Analysis in Groundwater Flow.
  • Francisco Alejandro Diaz De la O (2011). Gaussian Process Emulators for the Analysis of Complex Models in Engineering.
  • Theresa Cain (2011). Bayesian Inference for Health State Utilities using Pairwise Comparison Data.
  • Shijie Ren (2011). Incorporating Prior Information into Clinical Trial Design.
  • Mark Strong (2011). Managing Structural Uncertainty in Health Economic Decision Models.
  • Penny Watson (2013). Bayesian Decision Analysis in Health Economics and Clinical Research Design: a Case Study in Systemic Lupus Crythematosus.
  • Ziyad Alhussain. (2015). Eliciting Beliefs about Uncertain Population Means and Variances.
  • Fatimah Aloef. (2015). Bayesian Design of Discrete Choice Experiments for Valuing Health State Utilities.