MAS113 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

This is the homepage for Part 2 (Data Science) of MAS113 Introduction to Probability and Statistics. See here for Part 1 (Probability). General information about the module is available here. This course also uses MOLE.

Coursework and deadlines

All deadlines have passed; there is no more work to hand in.

Lecture notes and tutorial problems

Solutions to the exercises are available on MOLE.


The booklet of exercises linked above has been updated from the printed copy:

  • References to examples changed in Section 1: R commands quick reference
  • R output is changed in Q13
  • R output is provided for Q21 and Q24
  • Please ignore Q22 and Q23

RStudio Primers

There are lots of free resources online for learning about R. One recommendation is a set of interactive tutorials produced by RStudio


Interested in a career in data science or statistics? Follow the links for some ideas as to what you can do.

Downloading R and RStudio

You can obtain both R and RStudio for free. (If you want to work on your own computer, you will need both installed.)

Past exam papers and solutions

Solutions are available on MOLE.